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Presentation of Urals Federal District takes place in France

At least 50 different investment projects in the Urals Federal District are being presented in France from October 27 to 31. As a Rosbalt correspondent was informed by the press office of the regional administration, enterprises from the Yamal oil and gas sector are being given special attention.

The presentation will include meetings with Total, Renault and Gas de France as well as the banks Societe Generale and Credit Agricole and the organization of French entrepreneurs which represents over 750 different French enterprises.

The Russian delegation was invited by the French government. The delegation is headed by Presidential Plenipotentiary to the Urals Federal District Peter Latyshev and also includes regional representatives from the Urals. Mr Latyshev told journalists he expects that the presentation of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Territory will help to bring greater development of the region's natural resources.

In his opinion, French business colleagues are expecting a detailed presentation of the district's economy and business climate and they want some practical advice about how foreign investors should go about working in the regions of Russia. He said there is not enough foreign capital in the Urals at present. There are only 11 enterprises in the district which have received foreign investment and France has invested no more than USD 90 million in the district's development. He added that there is a huge potential for investment in the district and this potential must be realized.

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