Source Pravda.Ru

Azov-Kerch water area agreement with Ukrainian Premier remains in effect

Agreement in principle with Ukrainian Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich on the problem of the Azov-Kerch water area remains effective, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasianov has said.

This is Kasyanov's comment on the media reports regarding the Ukrainian side's non-observance of the Tuzla spit agreement, reached at the talks in Moscow last week.

"We monitor observance of these decisions. The agreement remains effective", Kasyanov said.

He recalled that, as a result of his talks with Yanukovich, Ukraine has pledged to withdraw its border forces from the apical point of the Tuzla spit of land and Russia to suspend building a dam until a joint decision is taken on the need to restore the Tuzla spit.

On Tuesday some media published information that, far from withdrawing its border guard force from Tuzla, Ukraine in defiance of the agreement is going on deepening the bottom in the Tuzla apex.

In addition, mass media bodies carry information on the Ukrainian authorities disregard for the Kasyanov-Yanukovich agreement.

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