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Vladimir Putin Held A Working Meeting In The Kremlin With Valery Kokov, President Of Kabardin-balkar Republic

On Friday in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Valery Kokov, president of the Kabardin-Balkar republic ( a republic in the North Caucasus within the Russian Federation). Kokov himself reported to journalists in the wake of the meeting with the head of the state that the main subject of the meeting was the problem of employment in the republic. According to him, by the results of the meeting the President gave instructions to the government proposing draft solutions to the problem. First of all, Kokov stressed, the employment problem in the republic was supposed to be resolved "within the framework of the concept of development of small entrepreneurship and the concept of development of the Elbrus area as a centre of international tourism and mountain-skiing." The Russian President and the head of the republic also discussed establishment of an inter-regional cardiological centre in the Kabardin-Balkar republic for the entire North Caucasus. Kokov indicated that they also had considered problems related to the improvement of local self-government and summarized results of the year "in the country and in the republic".

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