Source Pravda.Ru

Al Qaeda Easter Sunday plot for Europe

American citizens in Europe could be the target of Al Qaeda terrorist attacks, according to the Italian secret services.

The Italian Secret services tipped off their American counterparts after surveillance operations, warning that US citizens could be the target of terrorist activities in four Italian cities on the Roman Catholic Easter Sunday: Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan.

It is unclear whether arrests have been made. The action by the Italian secret services highlights the strong spirit of cooperation between secret services in the aftermath of September 11th. Earlier this week, secret services from around the world met in St. Petersburg, to enhance the spirit of collaboration, the first meeting of its kind.

Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that only by standing together could the world’s nations defeat international terrorism, remembering that Russia was one of the first victims of this phenomenon, namely in Chechnya, where Al Qaeda activists have been fundamental in their support for the Chechen terrorists, and Chechen terrorists have been flocking to Afghanistan to fight the American forces.

The US State Department has issued a warning to all Americans in Italy to be aware of the potential dangers, proof that the findings by the Italian security forces is being taken seriously. The case raises the question as to where the Al Qaeda forces in Europe are based and how they are organised.

It also highlights the need for security forces around the globe to be on maximum alert and to share whatever information they have, with their counterparts. Many secret services are wholly unprepared for this approach, since they are based on Cold War operating methods.


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