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Third of Russians not punished by parents in childhood

Nearly a third of Russians (30%) maintain that they were never punished by their parents in childhood, according to a survey conducted by the foundation Public Opinion.

The poll surveyed 1,500 Russians April 17, with those over 55 reporting most frequently that they had not been punished (38%). Nearly half of all Russians were punished in childhood, with 48% reporting infrequent punishment, and 19% reporting frequent.

The survey found that the most common form of punishment was corporal, from cuffs to beatings (22%). In addition, 19% of Russians reported that their parents scolded them, and 13% were made to stand in the corner. In 12% of cases, respondents reported being grounded, and 8% that they got lectured. In addition, 2% described such punishment as 'moral influence,' and 1% as a boycotts and forced work in the house or garden.

Only 6% of those questioned said that they were continually punished physically, while 34% maintained that their parents had recourse to physical punishment only in rare circumstances.

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