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Will Russian oil flow to Japan after all?

A project to construct an oil-pipeline that will link Angarsk and Nakhodka has been discussed by Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Vladimir Karastin and Director General of Japan's Agency of Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) Kazumasa Kusaka during their meeting in Moscow.

This has been disclosed in a press release by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Kusaka informed the Russian party about experts' work on the project of the pipeline, which would connect the Baltic city of Angarsk and Nakhodka, a port at the Russian coast of the Sea of Japan.

It is necessary to step up the implementation of the project, the director general of the ANRE believes.

Earlier, at the Russian-American energy summit in St. Petersburg, Minister of Economic Development and Trade German Gref had spoken out for constructing simultaneously two oil-pipelines: Angarsk-Datsin (a joint project with China) and Angarsk-Nakhodka.

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