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Unique Sugar Factory Is On Trial In Voronezh

The equipment of a new sugar production facility designed by Kantek, a centre for modern technology development in Obninsk near Moscow, is on trial in the city of Voronezh in the south of Russia. On Monday, the press centre of the Voronezh city administration said that this production line has no equivalents not just in Russia, but also in the world. According to experts, the technology of intense physical and chemical separation of commodity containing sugar allows for the production of up to 98 percent of sugar. (Today this number is 60-65 percent.) In addition, the production line can process sugar beets, sugarcane, sorghum, as well as raw sugar and molasses sediment. The end product - containing sucrose, fructose, and glucose -- is organic and nutritionally rich sugar. The administration said that the new sugar production facility and its products have already generated interest in Russia and abroad. Among others, Coca-Cola and Nestle have expressed their interest.

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