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Alexander Lebed’s death: terrorism version possible

The investigation of the Mi-8 helicopter crash that killed Krasnoyarsk Governor General Alexander Lebed, officials from the regional administration, and journalists continues. No definite results can be spoken about yet, as the number of possible causes of the crash is too large.

Russian Deputy Public Prosecutor, Prosecutor of the Siberian federal district Valentin Semuchenkov says that the investigation is currently considering about ten possible versions of the air crash. A terrorist version is not excluded. Valentin Semuchenkov says that no proof of terrorism has been found yet. Bad weather conditions, the fault of the pilots, overload of the helicopter, etc. are among the possible causes of the crash.

Yesterday, news agencies informed that the Mi-8 pilot had insisted that the flight be postponed because of bad weather conditions. However, Alexander Lebed ordered the pilot to take off immediately and claimed he would shoulder responsibility for the flight.

Boris Berezovsky said at once that Alexander Lebed had been killed, as his line was in opposition to Moscow, local authorities, and businessmen. Certainly, nobody takes seriously the reasons of the businessmen who is currently in exile in London. Probably, it is another attempt of Boris Berezovsky to remind people of his existence. Well, he is a success with it.

The air crash investigation is likely to last for a very long time. The prosecutor says that it is impossible to interrogate the majority of the crash victims, as these people are in a really grave condition. It was pointed out that, currently, no conclusions can be drawn because of this reason. The investigating team consisting of experienced specialists is to deliver a detailed report of the causes of the crash in a month.

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