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Scandal: General Staff of Serb Republic spying on NATO

The General Staff of Serb Republic (Bosnia) was spying on NATO peace-keepers. General Milan Torbica, Serb Armed Forces commander, has already been already discharged, while all flights of Bosnian Serbs have been forbidden, RTR-Vesti reports.

While carrying out an investigation, any activities and studying of Serb Republic’s Armed Forced staff are forbidden. Torbica is suspected of tapping electronic communication systems of NATO peace-keepers.

Any intelligence activity of Bosnian Serbs towards NATO is forbidden by the Dayton Peace Accord signed in 1995 (SFOR commander John Silvestre immediately established the fact of espionage).

During the search of the General Staff of Serb Republic and an inspection examination of Zaluzhani airport, SFOR servicemen seized computers and documents.

According to preliminary information, Bosnian Serbs tapped the peace-keepers’ negotiations with two radar plants, while the order to do this was issued by Torbica. The radar stations’ equipment and documents were seized. The republic’s military command should as soon as possible present all data about the tapping operations against SFOR.

Sergei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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