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Giant asteroid to fly by the Earth

b>American scientists saved the world with thorough calculations of the asteroid’s orbit
NASA astronomers scared the whole of the world with their apocalyptic forecasts saying that the Earth would inevitably collide with the NT7 asteroid; however, nowadays, the alarming expectations are dying away. Thorough calculations of the asteroid’s orbit reveal that no collision will occur on February 1, 2019, as was originally forecasted.

However, this result was quite predictable: indeed, the original information about the asteroid approaching the Earth said that the miscalculation of its orbit made up tens of millions of kilometers. The distance is insignificant on the space scale, but, at the same, time it is perfectly safe for the planet.

To tell the truth, Russian astronomers received the publication of NASA specialists rather skeptically. It is perfectly clear that asteroids are potentially very dangerous for the planet. However, it is also very important to determine whether some of them really pose a great threat or serve only to scare nervous people.

However, NASA astronomers say that a collision with the 2002 NT7 asteroid are possible in the remote future. However, no information has been published concerning the exact dates of a possible collision. Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

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