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Putin is not proposing to make Russia a parliamentary republic

The proposals of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the formation of cabinet based on the parliamentary majority do not imply making Russia a parliamentary republic, a top cabinet official said.

According to him, the president's proposal is aimed at obtaining support of the cabinet in the State Duma (the parliament lower house).

"It is suggested to establish a tradition of more active parliament involvement in the cabinet formation, so that the parliamentary majority and the cabinet could be mutually responsible," the official told reporters.

The proposal to form the cabinet based on the parliament majority voiced by Putin in his state-of-the-nation address this May brought about different interpretations. In particular, forming the cabinet by the party winning the parliamentary election was discussed.

Indeed, according to the well-informed source, the idea is to hold consultations between a newly elected president and representatives of the Duma majority in case there has been formed a stable one before the prime minister' candidature is to be approved by the parliament, in line with the Constitution. In addition, the official said, Putin was also thinking about preliminary discussion with the parliamentary majority on the future cabinet's policies in various spheres and even "broad consultations" on particular ministers' candidatures. The president was not speaking about changing the procedures of proposing and approving of these candidature.

The Constitution provides for proposing ministers' candidatures by the prime minister and their subsequent approval by the president, without the parliament's involvement.

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