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Mother of God Protects Russia

30.10.2002 | Source:



Mystical aspects of hostage crisis

A small article devoted to the recent tragic event in Moscow appeared on the Russian Sky news site. The article is about mystical coincidences that have taken place in Russia lately. The explosion of an apartment building in Moscow on Kashirsky Street in 1999 killed 118 people. The tragedy onboard the Kursk submarine killed 118 people. The crash of the Mi-26 helicopter in Chechnya killed 118 people. One hundred and eighteen people died as a result of the hostage-taking act of terrorism in Moscow.

“One night in 1999. An explosion of an apartment building on Kashirsky Street in Moscow. The number of casualties is 118 people. August 12th of the year 2000. The Kursk submarine sank in the Barents Sea. There were 118 people onboard the sub. August 19th, 2002. A Russian Mi-26 military helicopter was downed in Chechnya; 118 people were killed as a result. October 23rd, 2002. Over seven hundred and fifty people are taken hostage in a Moscow music theater. The number of victims was 118 people as a result of the siege. However, some sources of information say that 117 people died.”

One might think that these are mystical coincidences. Others will say that there is no coincidence at all. Nothing can be said here for sure. Only God knows why. Nevertheless, there is definitely an explicit connection between all these tragic events. This connection can be seen easily.

I once read an article that written by a modern-day Russian columnist. He wrote in his article that Russia had stopped playing its world role, which was earlier carried by the USSR. The Soviet Union protected the world from the threat of wild capitalism. However, Russia lost the ideological and spiritual struggle (let’s hope that it’s not a final defeat). This eventually resulted in the troubles that have flooded the country recently. They are not incidental.

Let’s return to the latest events in Moscow. The Russian Sky News site reports a fact, not a mystical coincidence. The hostages of the Nord Ost music show were rescued on the same day that the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the discovery of the Iversky icon of the Mother of God. This icon is said to protect the Caucasus. Archbishop Ioann of Belgorod said: “Such a coincidence is not possible. The Mother of God protected Russia and all Christian Russians. The people who performed the act of terrorism in Moscow were programmed by demonic forces.”

This is not the first time when the Mother of God has saved Russia. Here is another interesting detail. Several hours before the storming of the music theatre, PRAVDA.Ru published a prayer on one of its pages. We had to search for a photograph to match the prayer very quickly. We picked up the first photo that we saw. Later we discovered that it was a photograph of the Iversky Icon. Was this incidental?

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov


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