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Altai president Mikhail Lapshin intends to revive the territory's agriculture

Leader of the agrarian party of Russia and president of the Republic of Altai Mikhail Lapshin is going to realise "the peasants' idea and creation concept". He said this on Thursday at a press conference held in RIA Novosti.

On January 6, 2002, during the second round of elections, Lapshin was elected head of the Republic of Altai.

According to him, the main aim of his participation in the election campaign was a desire "to raise the status of and popularise the agrarian party of Russia". As a result, Lapshin believes, Russia will receive "a new image of a politician" who is really working and not wearing out an armchair in the Duma.

Touching upon the plans of his activity as the president of the republic, Lapshin declared his intention to further develop agriculture in Altai. He also believes that a great number of brewers will become interested in Altai soon since the republic will grow "the best hop in the world", and tourists since Altai is a most beautiful place in Russia.

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