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Analysts on YUKOS`s oil exploration licenses

Natural Resources Ministry will hardly suspend YUKOS affiliates` licenses to develop oil fields in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous region, analysts believe. The most probable scenario is penalty charges covering some irregularities, which are common for the oil industry in Russia, they added. According to them, the government will not benefit from destroying the core business of YUKOS, as this is a stable and profitable company.

Even if the main goal of the ongoing campaign against YUKOS is to change its owner, the company's assets have to be remained attractive. Therefore, suspending the licenses would be absolutely inexpedient.

According to experts, the announcement of the results of the ongoing license audit might not affect YUKOS`s shares. At the beginning of today's trade session market players did not respond to this information, analysts stressed. The market is waiting for the results of this audit.

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