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Peter Ermelin: Albright is on the brink of hysteria. Last months of her activity turn out to be huge failures in the US diplomatic practice

31.12.2000 | Source:



Yesterday US Secretary of State claimed that her country is not satisfied with the results of Igor Ivanov’s visit to Belgrade. It was Russian foreign Minister who managed to settle the conflict, which could become the last one in the history of dividing of Yugoslavia. After talking to Ivanov Slobodan Milosevic claimed about his admission of Vojilav Kostunica’s victory at the presidential elections. The same day Albright expressed her dissatisfaction with this fact. Now USA, deposited much money in the Yugoslavian elections, will have to admit ineffectiveness of the State Secretary activity. As a matter of fact, Albright insisted on USA and NATO intervention in Yugoslavia more then any other western politician. Albright was the first to declare that the bombardment of the independent country was necessary. But she failed to persuade UNO that it was imperative. Then she failed to forestall Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov in congratulating Kustonica on his victory at presidential elections. After that she claims that America is against Russia’s interference in the Yugoslavian problems and is dissatisfied with the results of Ivanov’s visit. All these mistakes prove her political insolvency and indicate that Clinton’s chose was wrong. However the period of her powers haven’t expired yet, it’s too early to sum up her activity. But probably Bill Clinton has already did it. Yesterday he said that he is ready to personally settle Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But it used to be the State Secretary’s duty. By the way, she took part in the last round of the talks in Egypt. Has the chief really begun to realise that the leader of the foreign policy department is just a spiteful woman who suffered fiasco in her private life? 2000-10-09


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