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Energy Ministry posts forecasts on energy production through 2020

According to the Russian energy strategy through 2020, natural and associated gas production in Russia may rise to 665bn cubic meters a year by 2010. As reported earlier, the Russian energy strategy through 2020 will be considered at a government meeting on May 22, 2003.

Following the strategy's optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, the oil production in 2010 may range from 447m to 489m tons and electric power generation is expected to vary from 1015bn to 1070bn kWh. The natural gas exports may total 217bn to 230bn cubic meters, while oil and gas condensate exports 248m to 278m tons.

The 2020 natural gas production may vary from 682bn to 730bn cubic meters, whereas oil production from 450m to 520m tons. Power generation will probably be at 1215bn to 1365bn kWh. The 2020 gas exports may range from 234bn to 245bn cubic meters, while oil exports from 268m to 309m tons.

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