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Finland deals with ecological hazards at Gorny chemical weapons destruction plant

A new system of ecological monitoring and control of poison-gases has been installed at the Gorny chemical weapons destruction plant (Saratov Region). This was announced to a Rosbalt correspondent at the Saratov information centre for the safe destruction and storage of chemical weapons.

The equipment was installed as part of the programme the raise the effectiveness of ecological monitoring at the plant. The new system includes gas alarms and detectors which react to the slightest amount of poison-gases in the air and immediately signal an alarm. The new system is mainly intended for controlling the air in the storehouses for poison-gases.

The new system was provided free of charge by the Finnish government as part of the Global Partnership programme. A similar system has already been installed at the chemical weapons storage site in Kambarka (Kurgan Region). The Finnish company Environics is dealing with the installation and launching of the monitoring system. The company has also agreed to service the system if it should be necessary.

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