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Russian expert on outlook of Russian gas system's development till 2020

To develop its gas system till 2020 Russia needs investments worth $150 billion, $30 billion out of which are necessary for the gas industry's infrastructure in Siberia and the Far East, believes head of the Russian Gas Society Valery Yazev. He spoke at a press conference in the "Russian House", the RIA Novosti information center in Tokyo.

He was referring to formation of the single gas supplying system for Siberia and Russia's Far East, he explained.

Yazev pointed to the profit Japan would gain from carrying out the Sakhalin-2 project. Two Japanese companies have already signed preliminary contracts for purchase within the project of the total of 2.3 million tons of natural condensed gas annually for over 20 years starting from 2007.

When speaking about construction of a pipeline from East Siberia to North-East Asia, Yazev said that the choice of the route would depend on the activity of Japan and China in talks with Russia. China has agreed with Russian partners on laying the pipeline till the city of Daqing, while Tokyo insists on building a pipeline to Nakhodka for further gas supply to Japan.

"At present the final decision has not been taken, there is a combat of opinions," Yazev explained.

Yet another problem that prevents the beginning of the pipeline's construction is the absence of guarantees that it will be busy.

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