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Chechen rebels urged to return to peaceful life

The regional headquarters for conducting the anti-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus urges participants of illegal armed groups in Chechnya to avail themselves of the amnesty and return to peaceful life.

"For the sake of Chechnya's future you should cease the war, leave illegal armed groups, give up weapons and ammunition. The amnesty gives you a real opportunity to return to peaceful life," reads the headquarters' statement circulated in Chechnya.

The document explains what actions are necessary to be included in the amnesty. The amnesty is guaranteed by the State Duma's decree which "stipulates exoneration from criminal prosecution on the grounds envisaged by the law on amnesty for those who voluntarily give up weapons and return to peaceful life," it points out.

The headquarters' statement emphasises that the March referendum in Chechnya testified to the population's striving after peaceful settlement of the "protracted conflict".

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