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AvtoVAZ to increase car production

Russia's leading car producer AvtoVAZ has raised the production of itslatest car model, VAZ-2110, starting this September, the AvtoVAZ presscenter reported. The production was increased due to high demand for thesecars and due to plans for raising funds for investments in new projects.To implement this plan, the car producer changed the working schedule andcoordinated it with the corresponding trade unions. The press centerreported that an increase in the hours of work would allow a rise inproduction by 50 cars a day. Before the end of 2002, AvtoVAZ expects toassemble about 4,500 more cars than planned earlier. Experts forecast thiswill bring significant profits to AvtoVAZ. According to AvtoVAZ VicePresident Mikhail Dobyndo, attracted funds will be allocated for theproduction of Kalina cars and upgrading VAZ-2110 cars..

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