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Russian-Ukrainian consortium "Antonov" presented a military AN-70 transport aircraft

The Russian-Ukrainian consortium "Antonov" presented in the airport Prague-Kbeli a military AN-70 transport aircraft. According to previously signed agreements Russia intends to supply to Czechia 3 AN-70 aircraft to repay the Russian indebtedness.

First deputy Defense minister of Czechia Stefan Fule indicated that Prague "was in need of such aircraft not only in connection with the forthcoming restructuring of its armed forces but also taking into account the government-approved military strategy of the Czech state." The first AN-70 aircraft is expected to be delivered to the Czech army in 2005.

Acquisition of new Russian aircraft will allow the Czech army to become one of the most mobile armies in Europe. The Czech Defense Ministry also plans to provide AN-70 aircraft to NATO member-states to transport servicemen and various types of equipment.

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