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Poultry production grew by 12.6% in Russia in 2002

The volume of poultry production increased by 12.6% in Russia in the first8 months of 2002 compared to that in the corresponding period of 2001,whereas the livestock of cows decreased by 5.4%, Vasili Shapochkin, head ofthe Cattle Breeding Department of the Agriculture Ministry, said at aconference of the Union of Cattle-Breeders of Russia today. According tohim, the volume of poultry production increased by 89,000 tons over thatperiod. Commenting on these figures, Deputy Agriculture Minister Sergei Dankvertunderlined that he did not link this growth in poultry production to theceasing of poultry imports from the US in summer 2002. He reported that thevolume of poultry import fell by 13% in the first seven months of thisyear, although a 4% growth in the volume of supplies was reported inJanuary-June 2002. In general, the volume of meat production in Russia grew by 5% in the firsteight months of this year and reached 3.9m tons. .

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