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Russia Offers 200 Exhibits In Dubai Air Show

The Dubai Air Show-2001 has opened in the United Arab Emirates today. The largest in its kind for the Gulf area and the entire Middle East, the international show will last into November 8. It was established in 1989 on a biennial arrangement to be held with assistance from Dubai government agencies and the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates. One of permanent participants, Russia is currently represented by twelve corporate exhibitors prominent on its military-industrial complex to offer more than 200 exhibits, report PR of the federal arms-dealing concern Rosoboronexport, under whose aegis it is appearing at the show. Notable among the Russian exhibits is the SU-30MK, latest modification of the SU warplanes. Its pioneer arsenal includes shorter- and medium-range air-to-air missiles, and a wide range of precision-homing air-to-surface missiles with television, laser and radar homing devices. The MIG-21 BIS warplanes have been updated into MIG-21093, with pioneer avionics serving precision-homing air-to-surface weaponry. New-generation MI-28NE and KA-52 war helicopters are exhibited side-by-side with all-round modernisation programmes for MI-35s and MI-8/17s, which promise greater efficiency throughout day and night. Experts will certainly display interest in blueprints for a container aircraft station to hinder air-to-air missiles, and in anti-aircraft missiles with infrared homing devices - strong, quick and precise self-defence weapons. Russia is promoting for exports a wide range of programmes to update planes and helicopters. Spectacular among them is Mirage plane modernisation, which envisages more powerful engines, the latest guided missiles, and Shchel-2 homing headsets of Russian design and manufacture.

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