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North Korean Economic Delegation Arrives at Russian Fst ar Ea

A North Korean governmental delegation led by Jo Chang Dok, the Vice-Premier of the Cabinet, arrived at Vladivostok today. As a Rosbalt correspondent learnt from Petr Samoilenko, the Press Secretary of the Chief Federal Inspector in the region, the Korean officials arrived on the invitation from the President's Plenipotentiary in the region Konstantin Pulikovsky. Mr. Samoilenko said that the stay in Vladivostok would last until April 7, the Plenipotentiary's office and local administration being expected to participate in the talks concerning further cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of transportation. The participants will also discuss further diplomatic exchange between North Korea and the Primorsk Region. The Korean delegates will meet with the representatives of Dalincome, an investment company. Later on the delegation is scheduled to fly to Khabarovsk for a meeting with Konstantin Pulikovsky, the President's Penitentiary in the region. During the talks with Pulikovsky, Jo Chang Dok intends to raise the issues of bilateral trade, transportation and investment.

One of the issues of keen interest to North Korea is that of connecting the Trans-Siberian and the Trans-Korean railways. Last August the two Railway Ministries agreed on the project, and North Korea proposes that works start this April. Another topic for negotiation is joint timber cutting.

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