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Statistics Committee reports decrease in food product prices

The average cost of the minimum set of food products amounted to 988.3 rubles ($31.36) in Russia at the end of June 2002. It became 0.7 percent cheaper compared to May 2002, although it grew 10.9 percent compared to the beginning of this year, the State Statistics Committee reported. The cost of the minimum set of food products became 8.4 percent lower in Nazran (Ingushetia), 5.4 percent in Makhachkala (Dagestan), 4.4 percent in Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria) and 4.1 percent in Astrakhan.

The highest cost was registered in Anadyr - 2,596 rubles ($82.37), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 1,680 rubles ($53.31) and Magadan 1,646 ($52.23). The lowest cost was in Tambov - 801 rubles ($25.42), Omsk 818 rubles ($25.96) and Elista 820 rubles ($26.01).

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