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Petersburg Baltiisky Plant starts delivering equipment for the Chinese Tian-Wang Nuclear Power Plant

The Petersburg Baltiisky Plant has started delivering equipment for the Chinese Tian-Wang Nuclear Power Plant.

As the press service of the Baltiisky Plant reported on Monday, the first heat exchanger, out of the six, which the plant produces for the first and the second power generating units of the Tian-Wang Nuclear Power Plant, has already been made. Till the end of July it is planned to send to China another two heat exchangers for the first power generating unit.

The detail design of the heat exchangers has been developed at the Russian Research Institute of Nuclear Machine-Building in Moscow, and the contractor design - at the Specialised Design Bureau of Boiler-Building.

The heat exchangers can stand an 8.0 earthquake and have a 40-year strength, reported the press service. The Tian-Wang Nuclear Power Plant is being built in the city of Lianyungan in the East Chinese province of Jiangsu. The first, out of the four, power-generating unit is planned to put into operation in November 2004.