Source Pravda.Ru

Negotiations with American experts on poultry meat imports to Russia end

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev told journalists on Thursday that negotiations with American experts on poultry meat imports to Russia were ended. According to him, a clear case was presented to the Americans concerning the measures being taken and at the moment Russia is expecting the reply.

Gordeyev pointed out that the date for introducing a new veterinary certificate negotiated with the American experts was moved to September 15. "The position of the Russian side is as follows: we have clearly defined sanitary and hygienic norms, and we have a certificate which is used by all countries and which is not specific to any one country," the vice-premier said. According to him, this certificate was submitted to the United States and currently "the American side is now deciding on how "producers should be acquainted with our requirements", dealing above all with poultry feeding. Gordeyev reiterated that the new certificate form would come into effect from September 15.