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Tax Ministry under fulfilled plan for tax collection in August

The Tax Ministry of Russia transferred RUR123.7bn ($3.91bn) to the federalbudget in August 2002. Therefore, it under fulfilled the tax collectionplan by 1.2%, the Information Policy Department of the Tax Ministryreported. RUR97.1bn ($3.07bn) in tax and non-tax revenues controlled by theTax Ministry were received in August, whereas the target amount wasRUR98.7bn ($3.12bn). The amount of single social tax paid to the federalbudget reached RUR26.5bn ($838.34m) in August, exceeding the target levelby 0.2%. As it was reported earlier, the tax collection plan (including the singlesocial tax) of RUR824.6bn ($26.09bn) set for the Tax Ministry forJanuary-July of this year was fulfilled by 100.6%. The actual amount oftaxes and duties collected to the federal budget in July of this year(including the single social tax) reached RUR142.1bn ($4.5bn), exceedingthe target level by 2.2%. RUR629.2bn ($19.91bn) in tax and non-tax revenues controlled by the TaxMinistry were collected to the federal budget in January-July 2002, makingup 121.5% of the corresponding amount for 2001. The plan for the firstseven months of this year of RUR665.8bn ($21.06bn) was fulfilled by 94.5%.The amount of single social tax collected in January-July of this yearreached RUR200.5bn ($6.34bn). The plan for the collection of this tax wasfulfilled by 126.3%. .

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