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AutoVaz Industrual Output Was 767,313 Vehicles In 2001

According to the more exact information, the AutoVaz company's industrial output in 2001 was 767,313 vehicles, up 8.75% from 705,571 vehicles 2000, according to the company's press service report. The production plan was exceeded by 1.8%. In 2001 224,953 vehicles of 2110 model (against 161,878 in 2000) were manufactured. The production plan for this model was exceeded by 1.6%. The total industrial output in December 2001 was 61,314 vehicles of different models (against 54,928 in December 2000), and the production plan was exceeded by 2.8% in December. 18,005 vehicles of 2110 model were manufactured in December (against 14,282 last year). The production plan for 2110 model was exceeded by 3.9% in December.

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