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Gazprom, Ruhrgas ink cooperation deal

10.04.2001 | Source:



The Russian joint-stock company Gazprom and the German concern Ruhrgas have signed in Moscow an agreement on the implementation of the 2001 programme of cooperation in science and technologies. In the on-going year they plan to implement a set of projects aimed to meet technical, production-economic and environmental protection problems, such as optimisation of gas trunk pipeline transport in Russia. The programme is also aimed at cutting health-hazardous gas emissions through managing control of different-quality gas flows in the Gazprom network, as well as the saving of resources. Among the projects is an experimental one for gaging, distributing and using natural gas in the Vladimir and Tver Regions of Russia. In line with this programme joint work will be done to protect pipeworks against corrosion, manage dispatcher control, meter gas spending and diagnose the technical condition of gas pipelines. A memorandum on mutual understanding between Gazprom and Ruhrgas will be signed in Berlin on June 16, 2000.

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