Source Pravda.Ru

Decision of US to grant Russia a market economy status will positively affect development of bilateral contacts

Moscow believes that the decision of the United States to grant Russia a market economy status will contribute to the development of trade and economic contacts between the two countries, said official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko.

According to him, from the practical point of view this means that now in case of anti-dumping investigations with regard to Russian suppliers the Russian statistics of prices concerning concrete enterprises will be taken as a basis.

Hence, he said, "compensation dues, if it comes to that, will concern concrete enterprises, not the industry as a whole." According to experts, the Russian producers will have more possibilities to prove the validity of the prices on their export goods, said the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Alexander Yakovenko added that as to new investigations, the US Ministry of Commerce had reserved the right to use the old non-market methods in the course of a certain transitory period.

"Whatever technical nuances, in a broader context, by taking this decision the United States has fixed the existing reality, that is, Russia is a country with a market economy," underscored Alexander Yakovenko.