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SELT (tomorrow, 4:45 P.M.) Average-Weighted Exchange Rate - 29.5385 RUR/USD

The high on tomorrow deals amounted to 29.55 RUR/USD, the low was 29.53 RUR/USD on the Electronic Trading System (SELT). The last deal was concluded at 29.53 RUR/USD. The trade volume amounted to $13.498m. The number of deals reached 30.

The Online world was filled with "outrage" over the fact that Donald Trump's chief propagandist, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, had been asked to leave a restaurant

The Sarah Huckabee Sanders scam

Any society which permits shocking acts of cruelty to animals is one without morals, without values, one of sub-human parasites. Reader discretion advised.

Yulin, China: Where dogs are tortured to death and eaten