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Caspian Pipeline Consortium signs agreements with new oil suppliers

The bank of oil quality has been established in the system of the CaspianPipeline Consortium. This conclusion can be derived from the fact that newsuppliers have jointed the system, the general director of the CaspianPipeline Consortium (CPC) declared.Today the US-Kazakh joint venture Arman has started transporting its oilexports through the pipeline system of the Consortium, the press service ofthe CPC told RosBusinessConsulting. The company plans to transport throughthe pipeline and ship more than 100,000 tons of oil by the end of 2002.Moreover, the agreement on oil transportation is to be signed between theCPC and the Kazakhstan based company 'The Trading House KazMunaiGaz' (abranch of KazMunaiGaz), which is to transport oil produced byEmbamunaigaz..

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