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Russian government to consider draft energy strategy of the country till 2020

The Russian government will gather in session May 29 to consider the draft energy strategy of the country till 2020 developed by the Energy Ministry, Igor Yusufov, energy minister, told journalists. The draft energy strategy of Russia till 2020 will include the fuel and energy balance, which will also be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration, Ivan Matlashov, deputy energy minister, told journalists. The calculations made by the Energy Ministry reveal that oil extraction volume in 2020 will amount to 350-445 million tons and that of gas - 660-700 billion cubic metres. Coal mining volumes claimed by the domestic market will go up to 390 million tons in 2020. The aggregate need of Russian power plants in organic fuel will rise in 2002 to 329-377 million tons of conventional fuel. The aggregate production of electric power should increase by this period by 30-60 percent, the Energy Ministry believes. Matlashov noted that these indicators are of an estimate character and will be specified after the Russian Ministry of Economic Development works out the forecast of this country's economic development rates for a medium-term prospect and adopts the guidelines of Russia's energy strategy till 2020.

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