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Philip Morris Allocates USD 500,000 to 20 Russian Orphanages

14.11.2002 | Source:



In December 2002 Philip Morris and the Russian Chamber of Trade and Industry will begin a joint project to give Russian orphanages financial assistance. This was announced on Thursday by Vice-President of the chamber Sergei Katirin.

Mr Katirin said that the project will last for six months and that Philip Morris will contribute USD 500,000. The money will go to 20 different orphanages in 11 Russian cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The money will be spent on providing equipment, minibuses and constructing playgrounds.

Mr Katirin thanked the company for its contribution and called Philip Morris a 'full-fledged Russian citizen.' He also said that the chamber had been working with Philip Morris for 10 years and that during that time they had achieved significant results.

Director for Corporate Affairs Alik Tuigunov said that Philip Morris was still trying to prevent under-age smoking. Furthermore, the company helps orphanages, students, veterans of war and organizes charity concerts and theatrical productions.

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