Source Pravda.Ru

PM comments on 2003 budget

The 2003 budget stipulates the increase in the financing of a number ofbudget entries, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov declared openingtoday's government meeting. The financing of national defense will advanceby 26 percent, law enforcement by 46 percent, court reform by 33 percent,science development by more than 21 percent and education by 22 percent,the Prime Minister specified.As far as the profitable part of the 2003 budget is concerned, the prioritydirections will be the carrying out of the tax policy and the enhancementof efficiency of state property management, Kasyanov pointed out.The head of the government stressed that the year 2003 would not be asimple period for the Russian economy due to a high volume of payments onRussia's foreign debts and payments on domestic debts in a usual volume.The budget draft for 2003 has been elaborated on taking into account thePresidential address concerning the budget and the government's medium-longterm program, Kasyanov noted. .