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Activity at morning session brings considerable trade growth

In the first half of today's morning US dollar session, theaverage-weighted exchange rate amounted to 31.56 RUR/USD, eventuallyincreasing by RUR0.02 against the previous level. At the same time, 20minutes after the UTS was opened, the trade volume at the special sessionexceeded $50m. Commercial bank specialists link the continuation of the USdollar rate growth at the morning session and a large volume of operationsat the special session to a favorable situation with ruble liquidity, whichenables dollar buyers to be active. Dealers point to the fact that bankscurrently have no problems with ruble resources.As experts reported to RBC, this morning one-day ruble credit rates haveremained low - under 6 percent. Yesterday evening, one-day ruble creditrates were even lower and amounted to about 4 percent..