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Statistics Committee posts data on industrial production

In January-July 2002, the industrial production index was 103.9 percent inRussia as compared to the corresponding period of 2001. In January-July2001, industrial production gained 5.4 percent against the correspondingperiod of 2000. This data was released by the State Statistics Committee ofRussia. This July, as compared to July 2001, production went up by 7.8percent. As compared to June 2002, a month's growth amounted to 7.4percent. In July 2002, the daily average production (season correctiontaken into account) was 100.8 percent of the June level.In the first seven months of 2002, the production index in the electricenergy industry was 98.2 percent of the corresponding level of 2001, thisfigure amounting to 100.6 percent of the level of July 2001. This index was105.8 (106.3 percent) percent in the fuel industry, 100.9 percent (102.7percent) in the ferrous metal industry, 110.2 percent (112 percent) in thenon-ferrous metal industry, 102.6 percent (106.7 percent) in the chemicaland petrochemical industries, 103.2 percent (116 percent) in theengineering and metal-working industries, 102.5 percent (105.5 percent) inthe timber industry, 104.9 percent (105 percent) in the building materialindustry, 105.5 percent (106 percent) in the glass, porcelain andsemiporcelain industries, 100.8 percent (103.7 percent) in the lightindustry, 108.5 percent (111.4 percent) in the food industry, 114.9 percent(85 percent) in the microbiologic industry, 94.4 percent (99.6 percent) inthe flour-and-cereals industry, 88.3 percent (98.1 percent) in the medicalindustry and 103.2 percent (99 percent) in the printing industry..

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