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Dollar rate jumps on interbank market

15.08.2002 | Source:



The average-weighted dollar exchange rate amounted to 31.56 RUR/USD at thismorning's session, which was RUR0.02 higher that the previous rate. Aconsiderable gain in the dollar rate was registered on the interbank marketas well. The high of the tom deals was 31.60 RUR/USD on the interbankmarket, which was RUR0.04 more than the official dollar exchange rate setby the Central Bank for Friday.Experts of commercial banks attribute this considerable weakening of theruble to low ruble credit rates. As a result it promotes the activity ofbuyers of US currency. The experts say that banks' ruble liquidity improvedin the morning, as balances at correspondent accounts of commercial banksadvanced again. As a result the one-day ruble credit rate is not exceedingfive percent currently..


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