Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Eurobonds continue growing so far

Today, a growth of rates took place on the market of Russian foreign debts.The increase in Russian bond prices is most likely conditioned by apositive closing of American stock markets. "At the moment, one can observean obvious price correlation of the Russian Eurobond market with US stockmarkets and foreign debt markets of the Latin America", a specialist of alarge Moscow investment company said in an interview with RBC. The expert believes that the rates of Russian Eurobonds can grow slightly;however, one should not expect a considerable surge, as the supply ofsecurities is currently rather high. In general, the market is volatile;speculative dealers are the main participants of trade; and there is noclear trend on the market, the specialist stressed. In the near future, theRussian Eurobond market is most likely to face price consolidation at thecurrent level, the expert believes..