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Google launches search engine for blog updates

Google appears to be on another winner with the launch of a service that allows users to search the blogosphere for the latest weblog postings on any subject they choose.

Google Inc is already a major player in the weblog market through its purchase two years ago of the start-up Pyra Labs and its Blogger service that allows computer-users to set up their own personal sites in minutes.

Since that deal, internet pundits have been waiting for Google to launch a blog search tool, which it finally did yesterday with the Beta or test release of its Blogsearch engine at

"There really has been a need for a world-class search product to expose this dynamic content to a worldwide audience," said Jason Goldman, the Google product manager responsible for the new search tool, reports Times Online.

According to Telegraph, competitors including Yahoo and Microsoft are expected to follow suit.

Bob Wyman, chief technical officer for PubSub, which offers a web feed subscription service, said: "This sort of feels like 1995 when the web was just starting to explode. Now it feels like the same thing is happening to blogging."

The new engine searches the latest posts on blogs in more than 10 languages.

Over the past two years, blogs have become an increasingly popular way of sharing opinions online and breaking news. First word of Google's new searching tool was spread by a blog.

It is unsure how large the so-called "blogosphere" has become. Technorati, the top blog search engine, says it indexes 17.1 million sites but Google refused to disclose how many it searches.