Source Pravda.Ru

Statistics Committee reports industrial output growth figures for August 2002

The industrial output growth rate rose 3.8 percent in January-August 2002in Russia as compared to the similar period last year, the Russian StateStatistics Committee reported. In August 2002 this figure increased 3.4percent as compared to August 2002. The average daily industrial output(seasonal corrections taken into account) was 100.6 percent in August 2002as compared to the figure reported in July 2002. The industrial outputgrowth rate was 5.8 percent in January-August 2001 as compared to thefigures reported in the corresponding period of 2000. In January-August2002 the biggest industrial output growth rate was posted by thenon-ferrous metal industry (9.8 percent), fuel industry (6.1 percent),chemical and petrochemical industry (3.1 percent), machinery and metalprocessing industry (2.6 percent). A decrease in industrial output wasposted by the medical product industry (9.5 percent), milling, grain andcoarse-grain industry (5.3 percent) and electric energy sector (1.5percent)..