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Energy Minister suggests using British experience for reforming Russian gas industry

Russian Energy Minister Igor Yusufov considers it efficient to use Britishexperience for restructuring the Russian gas industry. He addressed theBritish party asking them to render assistance regarding this matter. TheMinister made this suggestion at today's negotiations of the bilateralRussian-British task force for energy, the press service of the RussianEnergy Ministry reported.The head of the British delegation is Director General of the Energy Groupof the British Department of Trade and Industry Joan MacNaughton. In theopinion of Yusufov, the British party could also contribute to thesuccessful dialogue between Russia and the European Union regarding the'gas' problem. Yusufov pointed out that Great Britain was one of Russia'smajor strategic partners in the energy sector. According to the Minister,it is particularly important for the expansion of bilateral collaborationin the energy field that both countries are large gas and oil producers.He also emphasized the importance of participation of British companies inprojects in Russia, including in the coal industry, and expressed hope foran increase in British investments in the Russian fuel and energyindustry.The head of the British delegation voiced the opinion that alongsidecollaboration in the energy field within the framework of the Russia-EUdialog, one should expand bilateral cooperation taking into account thepotential of the two countries regarding the development of high energytechnologies. She pointed to the complicatedness of liberalization onenergy resource markets and stressed the role of the state in this process.MacNaughton confirmed that the British party was ready for sharing theexperience they had. She also expressed hope for the expansion of thestrategic dialog between the two countries in the energy field and forusing business opportunities of this dialog..

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