Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Foreign Trade in January-May 2002 Falls 1.7% Year on Year

According to figures released by Goskomstat, the national statistics agency, Russia's foreign trade in the period January-May 2002 fell by 1.7% in comparison to the figures for January-May 2001. In the period January-May 2001, foreign trade rose by 8.6% in comparison to the same period in 2000.

In May 2002, foreign trade totalled USD 12.9 billion, 2.2% less than in May 2001, and 10.1% less than in April 2002. Exports in May 2002 totalled USD 8.3 billion, 3.6% less than in May 2001, and 11.1% less than in April 2002. Imports in May 2002 were USD 4.6 billion, 0.2% more than in May 2001, and 8.2% less than in April 2002.

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