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Austrian Company Wins Contract for Construction of Bashkirian Steam Power Plant

Austrian firm VADO International has signed a contract with Bashkirian energy company Bashkirenergo to supply equipment to and contribute to the construction of a steam power plant in the Bashkirian town of Sibai. Bashkirenergo's press service announced that the Austrian firm was the winner of a tender held by the Bashkirian energy company to supply equipment to the new power plant.

Ten firms took part in the open competition, putting forward fifteen proposals. The Austrian proposal for the steam power plant envisages using ten gas piston units driven by diesel gas from the Austrian firm Enbacher. Two similar but less powerful units are already in use at a small steam power plant at the Bashkirian resort Krasnousolsky. The new power plant will have an electrical output of 30 megawatts and an energy output of 25 gigacalories per hour.

The contract allows 14 months for the construction of the plant and installation of the equipment. The majority of the work will be carried out by Austrian specialists. External electricity and energy networks will be constructed by affiliates and subsidiaries of Bashkirenergo, which will substantially reduce overall costs. The new plant is expected to be up and running by the beginning of the heating season in 2003.


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