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Construction of the second segment of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline completed

The construction of the second segment of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline going from the Russian border to the Belarussian river of Bereziny near Borisov has been completed. The segment is 184 km long. There the new segment was tied to the Torzhok (Russia) - Minsk (Belarus) - Ivatsevichi (Belarus) transcontinental gas pipeline that was built in the 1980s.

According to spokesman for the Beltransgaz Company Taisia Borodich, after the segment is put into operation, the gas transit via Belarus will soar up by 7 million cb. m. of gas and will amount to 57 ml.cb.m. of gas per day compared against the previous 50 ml.cb.m. of gas per day.

When the third segment of the gas pipeline is put into operation later this year, the gas transit will increase by another 11 ml. cb. m. The segment will go from the River Berezina to the town of Nesvizh, Borodich noted.

She thinks that there is every reason to hope that the 560-km Belarussian segment will be put into operation in full by the end of this year.

Taisia Borodich recalled that the 209-km Belarussian segment of the Yamal-Europe transcontinental gas pipeline that goes from the town of Nesvizh to the Belarus-Poland border was put into operation in September 1999.