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Dollar remains unchanged on interbank market

22.08.2002 | Source:



The situation with the tomorrow deals on US currency has not changed in thesecond half of the afternoon session. The high of today's deals has notexceeded 31.60 RUR/USD and the average-weighted dollar exchange rate hasbeen 31.59 RUR/USD. So the dollar rates on the interbank market haveexceeded the official dollar exchange rate set by the Central Bank forAugust 23 only by RUR0.02-0.03. Experts of commercial banks point to thefact that the US currency rate has not been changing at the morning andafternoon sessions for a long time. This situation seems to remain today,although ruble resources at correspondent accounts of Russian commercialbanks increased noticeably today. Balances at correspondent accounts ofRussian commercial banks advanced by 4.5bn rubles (about $142.63m)throughout the country and by 3bn rubles (about $95.08m) at banks in theMoscow region. As a result the one-day ruble credit rate has not beenexceeding five percent since 12:00 a.m. At the same time the activity ofparticipants of the trade has been very low. The volume of deals on theinterbank currency market amounted to only $11m at 13:30. .


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