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The First Irish Gold In Modern Times

Irish gold exploration has seen almost as many false dawns as Irish oil exploration but a new company, Irish Gold, has actually mined the first Irish gold in modern times. But before gold fever sets in and you start packing up your picks and mule, the company is very conservative about the quantities to be extracted from its mine in Tyrone. In fact, Rio Tinto, the company that originally discovered the gold deposits in 1985, decided not to follow through with full-scale excavation as the size of the deposit was judged to be uneconomic. However, Galantas decided there was enough to support a luxury jewellery business marketing the first Irish gold jewellery, and purchased Rio Tinto's interest. The mine has been in operation for three months and any gold excavated will be used solely in the Galantas range of jewellery. If demand does not match expectations, the mining process will not continue. While the range is being launched initially in Ireland and there will be an advertising campaign to boost public awareness, Galantas would appear to have its sights firmly set on the infinitely larger Irish diaspora. It's this market that the company hopes to attract to its website,, where the full range of jewellery products can be viewed. ©

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