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Spirit Of Suspicion

Colin Skellett, the chairman and chief executive of Wessex Water, has been arrested on suspicion of receiving a bribe of nearly ё1m.

Bath-based Wessex Water supplying drinking water to about 1.2 million people and sewerage services to 2.5 million people in the south-west of England saw legal troubles as its chairman and executive was blamed of bribery.

This deal seems to be internal within Wessex Water and Malaysia-based YTL Power and connected with the previous takeover. YTL Power bought Wessex Water in May this year for ё1.24bn ($1.7bn).

One more person was also arrested who has no direct connection with Wessex Water, but is to be interviewed in relation to a questionable payment of nearly ё1m allegedly received by the senior official at Wessex Water.


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