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International Nuclear Industry Exhibition Opens in St. Petersburg - 25 September, 2002 - News

The second international Nuclear Industry exhibition opened in St. Petersburg on Tuesday as part of the sixth international Russian Industrialist forum. It is organised by the Russian Atomic Energy Ministry and will run until September 27.

According to the regional public information centre of the Atomic Energy Industry, the exhibition's aim is to demonstrate the potential of Russian and foreign firms to manufacture complex industrial products. The exhibition will feature a wide spectrum of technologies and services for ensuring full-scale radiation safety in Russia and her neighbouring states.

The fifth international Radiation Safety: Dealing with Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel conference is being held today in St. Petersburg at the Atomic Energy Ministry's Regional State Education Centre. Participants in the meeting will try to find a way to solve the problems of ensuring the nuclear and radiation safety of the population in Russia, problems arising from the use of nuclear energy and radioactive materials, and in dealing with radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. The conference will be attended by deputy Russian Atomic Energy Minister Valery Lebedev, the head of the Atomic Energy Ministry's Safety and Emergency Department, Alexander Agapov, and the president of Rosenergoatom, Oleg Saraev.

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